Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

So, who’s updated to iOS4 yet?

Google Should Give Bluetooth-Controlled Robots Away With Every Android Purchase
I want a BT robot, Google!

What Happens When The New Xbox 360 Overheats?
Please say it explodes. Wait, no, that’s not good.

This Is What MeeGo, The Other Tablet OS, Will Look Like
Anyone excited? Or just interested?

Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds AG-AF100 Camcorder: More Details Come Into Focus
Interesting, but I’m not too sure on an interchangeable lens camcorder when cameras already shoot HD video.

Screen Comparison Shows LCD Still Beats Super AMOLED In Sunlight
Anyone else picture Adam Savage saying “Myth busted!” when they read that?