The Real Mastermind Behind Bluebird Revealed!

The <em>Real</em> Mastermind Behind Bluebird Revealed!

Serious developments have been made into the mystery of Bluebird. Thanks to the work of thegirlwhoruled, LadyD and infallible among others on the DC, we now know who is the actual mastermind behind Bluebird. Guess who!

None other than the elusive Paul Kruger! It looks like Kruger’s the one who may have manipulated Harrison Wyld into launching Bluebird, the project, which, if it does indeed go ahead, will change the planet forever.

The Stop Bluebird campaign is gaining heaps of ground in its fight to stop Kruger in his tracks. Also, Kyle and lun3terr3 have achieved some more breakthroughs which they’ve added to the DC. Somehow lun3terr3 has recovered a bunch of files from a server in Russia that’s linked with Kruger, and there’s an incredible amount of stuff in there. Evidently cloud computing is not as secure as he would have hoped – and lun3terr3 knows her way around a digital scrapyard.

If you’re into a bit of code-cracking then help these guys figure out the final and most important details of Kruger’s plans at It’s going to be a big week!