Telstra HTC Desire GPS Bug Fixed, Bonus Voice Search Added

Telstra HTC Desire GPS Bug Fixed, Bonus Voice Search Added

 title=Telstra cops a fair amount of flak from the Giz community, but their handling of the HTC Desire GPS issues is an example of fantastic customer service, communication and timely updates.

After discovering that their was an issue with the HTC Desire’s GPS settings when they launched it a week early, Telstra and HTC sent out a prompt announcement announcing that the problem was fixable via a small firmware update, and they’d be working night and day to fix it. Well, the update was made available last Friday night.

Telstra customers received a clear and concise text message to inform them that they could perform the update in one of two ways: over the air or via a software download. The OTA update was even unmetered over NextG (as it should be) but informing its customers that they wouldn’t be expected to pay for Telstra’s stuff up.

But the cherry on top of the firmware update pie was that the it didn’t just fix the broken GPS, but added voice search functionality, integrated into the search functions on the device.

As tipster Steve said in an email to us:

“For a telco that screws me around each way from sunday (damn them and their massive network coverage) this has been surprisingly painless. I’m wondering how much input Telstra had, or if HTC are the people I should like for this level of service. Sure it would be nice to have it work out of the box, but it’s a product ultimately made by fallible meatsacks like myself. We’re all only human (till the robot overlords take over!).

They had a problem, they fixed it, everyone they happy. Well, I am at least.”

If you haven’t updated your Desire yet, you can do it by accessing the Software Update option in the setting menu, or by visiting

[Thanks Steve!]