Sony's Offering The Chance To Live The Geeky Dream

I'm pretty sure I'm ineligible to enter this competition Sony's running at the moment, but the prizes sound pretty awesome, so I might enter anyway. For the geeks, they're offering the chance to visit the Sony Archive museum in Tokyo, before flying over to Berlin to take in the mountains of gadgety goodness at IFA. There's also stuff to keep, like an Xperia X10, a Bloggie camcorder and a Vaio notebook.

There are actually four different experiences on offer to match the four different arms of Sony's business. The gaming prize sounds pretty awesome too, including a trip to Tokyo for the Tokyo Games Show and then walking away with a PS3, PlayTV and the new PlayStation Move controller. The other two prizes, Music and Movies, also involve international trips and exclusive access to Sony's resources.

The competition will be judged by the MDs across Sony's Australian businesses. You can enter via the link below.

[Sony Make.Believe Experience comp]

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