Optus Offering Samsung N220 Netbook For $0 Up Front

Optus Offering Samsung N220 Netbook For $0 Up Front

 title=If you’re looking to get yourself a netbook with integrated 3G data, you might be interested in Samsung’s new N220 that’s being sold through Optus. For $0 up front and $50 a month (over 24 months), you get the hardware and 2GB worth of data a month.

There’s also a $70 a month option which includes 5GB of data as well as a messenger bag.

Samsung reckon the N220 has a 12 hour battery life, thanks to the LED backlit display (among other things). Powered by an Intel Atom Processor N450 (1.66GHz) with 512KB Cache and 1GB RAM, the N220 has a 10.1-inch screen, three USB slots and weighs 1.32kg with a 6 cell battery. It comes with a two year international warranty as well, which will last you the length of your contract.

Is anybody still interested in this type of netbook plan? Or has it lost its sheen in the shadow of the iPad?