Kogan’s New LCDs Feature Built-In PVR Functions

Kogan’s New LCDs Feature Built-In PVR Functions

While all the big name TV manufacturers are busy pushing 3D and IPTV in their latest screens, Kogan has decided to stick with what they know by launching new 32-inch and 42-inch Full HD LCDs for under $1000. But most interesting is that both sets have built in PVR functionality – although you’ll need to add your own storage via the USB port…

The new LCD sets use LG Full HD panels, while the 32 and 42 inchers offer 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates respectively. While that may sound a bit odd for our PAL broadcasts, apparently the sets are capable of 100Hz and 200Hz (respectively) as well, which allows them to support both FTA broadcast signals and Blu-ray films.

The PVR functionality will record to a USB stick, which can then be played back on your laptop, so the TV’s obviously not Freeview compliant.

Considering the prices are $749 for the 32-inch and $999 for the 42-inch, there seems to be a lot of potential in these sets…