Four Corners Looking At The Government’s Internet Filter Tonight

<em>Four Corners</em> Looking At The Government’s Internet Filter Tonight

 title=Tonight at 8.30pm on ABC1, Four Corners tackles the government’s proposed mandatory internet filter. Probably worth setting the DVR for this one…

Next Monday on Four Corners, ACCESS DENIED: a story that reveals how an apparently well meaning attempt by government to protect children from video nasties on the net turned into a policy that critics say promotes censorship and reduces personal freedom.

Twenty one years after the world-wide web was born it’s hard to know how we’d live without it. But for all its benefits there are dangers too, especially for children. Child pornography, bestiality and other forms of extreme and illegal sexual material are freely available for anyone to view. Central to the Federal Government’s policy on cyber safety is the introduction of a mandatory filtering system, aimed at protecting children from the worst excesses in cyber space. Now reporter Quentin McDermott looks at the potential impact of the Government’s plan.

If you miss it, it will be replayed tomorrow at 11.35pm, or you can watch it on iView.

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