Find Out Which Gadgets Miss Out In T3’s Hot 100 Issue

Find Out Which Gadgets Miss Out In T3’s Hot 100 Issue

 title=The GF2 wasn’t the only shock absentee from the latest T3 annual Hot 100 list. Sennheiser’s wireless cans didn’t make the cut either, nor did an Alienware laptop or a Sony Bravia TV. And we don’t apologise for this. While they are all great products, there are a HELL of a lot of great products around the world and not all of them can make the Hot 100 list. The absence of some of the expected brands and products has allowed some up and comers in that well and truly deserve their place. Like who, you aks? Or I hope you do anyway…

Well, Toyota and its Hybrid Camry, for example. It’s about bloody time a big brand manufacturer produced such a great and technologically impressive product over here. Yes, Australia can do that sort of stuff. Thank you Toyota for proving it. And how about the Skiff Reader – an eReader with 3G as standard and a screen that can bend under bumps? Genius.

There’s also a hell of a lot of products that aren’t available in Australia. Why? Because sadly we don’t get as many of the cool products as we should, but we should still know about them and what we are missing out on (or sneakily importing). The Australian top 20 list inside the Hot 100 highlights just how many top products the Poms and Yanks have that we don’t.

If the Hot 100 doesn’t get your blood pumping enough, check out the netbook reviews or the latest in sneakers. There’s also a big projector test too and a run down on commuter bikes that could save you a stack on petrol and gym membership! And if you really can’t get enough of him, Nick has written his take on the Hot 100 on page 34.

Australian T3. It’s on sale now at Coles Express, Woolworths, 7-Eleven and all good newsagents nationally.