Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Samsung: 3D Glasses Compatible With Other TVs When Worn Upside Down
I wonder if this is real or just a way to make people watching 3D in the home look even stupider.

Samsung’s Super AMOLED Tablet Said To Be Called The S-Pad
I’m no marketer, but Samsung, if you’re listening, you should not name anything “S-Pad” ever.

The Pipe Labyrinth Behind Lost
I haven’t started watching the final season yet, so I don’t want to read this post in case of spoilers. I assume it’s good though…

48 Hours, Thousands Of Contributors, One Magazine
This sounds like a good idea. I’d read it.

Adobe Might Be Behind Apple Antitrust Rumblings
I wish these two would either fight it out to the death, or kiss and make up. Too much unresolved tension.

Jailbreaking Your iPad: How You Can And Why You Should
Might be worth bookmarking this page…