Was Good Game Hacked Last Night?

Was <em>Good Game</em> Hacked Last Night?

Did you see it? The popular ABC gaming show was interrupted by some dude who made this strange statement: “I think I’m party to a crime in progress and it will affect us all if it goes ahead, so let me explain my dilemma. I’ve been working for privately funded laboratories specifically researching geoengineering solutions. What’s geoengineering…” What the hell does that mean?

Who was he? Who has he been working for? And what are they up to?

Well, we’ve done some sniffing around, and we reckon it’s this guy. His name is Kyle Vandercamp. But what was he on about?

We’re not quite sure ourselves at this stage, but it looks like a campaign of some sort. We’re checking out his blog and also this blog now. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.