SBS Considering 3D Broadcasts For The FIFA World Cup

One of the biggest hurdles for the upcoming release of 3D televisions in Australia is the lack of content. Sure, there'll be a handful of 3D Blu-ray discs, but Foxtel aren't planning on doing anything until next year, and the free to air networks are struggling enough with the concept of high definition, let alone 3D. Except that last part may not be true... According to Lara Sinclair in the Australian, SBS is looking into the possibility of broadcasting the FIFA World Cup in 3D later this year.

The key phrase here is "looking into" - I think we'll almost definitely find that the public broadcaster doesn't have the necessary funding to upgrade its broadcast equipment in time for this World Cup. Not to mention the fact that only a tiny percentage of people who buy a new 3D TV within the short space of time between when they hit shelves and when the competition starts in June will get to experience it.

But, knowing that SBS is looking into it means that for the next World Cup in 2014, when 3D capable sets are more prevalent and the technology has matured a bit, 3D could become a reality for soccer fans.

[The Australian]

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