Panasonic 3D TVs To Come With One Pair Of Glasses, Two 3D Blu-Rays

When Panasonic launches their new range of Blu-ray TVs, including the VT20, there'll be a few bonus things thrown in the box. Like a pair of 3D glasses. And a couple of bonus 3D Blu-ray movies.

Just like Samsung is throwing in a copy of Monsters Vs Aliens with their 3D TVs, Panasonic is offering a copy of Coraline and Ice Age 3 for anyone who purchases one of their 3D panels within the allocated time.

Although somewhat disappointingly, you'll probably end up watching the films in 3D alone, as the TV only comes with a single pair of 3D glasses, which will retail for $199 per pair for additional pairs. Although if you happen to go and checkout Panasonic's 3D offering at their upcoming 3D roadshow event at shopping centres around the country and register in the next few weeks, you can get a second set free when you actually buy a 3D TV in a couple of months.

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