New S.A. Attorney General Taking A Measured Approach To R18+ Games Rating

Remember when John Rau was named new the new South Australian Attorney General and Gamers4Croydon guy Chris Prior said he was pro adult games classification? Not so, according to the man himself. He's told Gamespot AU that he's taking a much more measured view on the issue:

“I have no preconceptions about this issue and intend to listen to the arguments. I can neither support nor wisely argue against a position if I am not aware of the relevant factors."

Honestly, this is even better than believing that he was pro-adult gaming. Any politician who leaves their preconceptions at the door and listens to the arguments for and against an issue is generally going to arrive at the right conclusion. Kudos, Mr. Rau. Kudos.

It's just a shame the same can't be said for Senator Conroy...

[Gamespot via Kotaku]

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