Microsoft Has Sold More Than A Million Xbox 360s In AU And NZ

And yet only one of them looks like this. To celebrate the fact that Microsoft has sold over a million Xbox 360 consoles in Australia and New Zealand since launch, they've paired up with a heap of celebrities to auction off individualised and signed custom 360s for the David Peachey foundation.

Among the celebrities who have attached their mugshots to the console and signed the box are Russell Crowe, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hawkins, Hugh Jackman, Mark Webber, Harry Kewell and Slash. Oh, and the guys at Weta, who created the masterful Halo console you see above – I saw it in the flesh this afternoon out at Microsoft and I can tell you it looks even more amazing in real life.

The consoles will be auctioned off for the next five weeks, starting today. It's for a good cause too, not just propelling Microsoft onto two million Xboxes sold, so go nuts.

[Xbox Charity Auction]

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