LG To Offer BigPond Movies VOD Direct To Their TVs

LG To Offer BigPond Movies VOD Direct To Their TVs

 title=Well this is pretty awesome news. Just like Sony partnered with Yahoo!7 for video on demand for their latest Bravia lineup, LG has partnered with Telstra to offer BigPond Movies VOD content delivered directly to their latest TV lineup.

There will be more than 20 TVs with the BigPond functionality built in, and will potentially be coming to more LG products in the future. Naturally, the content will be unmetered for BigPond broadband customers, and the standard “available for a week to watch, then for 24 or 48 hours after you start watching, depending on the movie” terms and conditions will apply.

LG’s Netcast, which will provide the BigPond service, will also support other online content like YouTube. And as time goes on, LG plans to add other BigPond services like news, sport and movies.

LG and Telstra partner to announce Australia’s first Flatscreen TV with BigPond® Movies

Sydney, Australia, 9th April 2010 – LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics and Telstra today announced an alliance that will see the two companies be the first to come together to bring BigPond® Movies on LG’s new range of flatscreen TVs.

The LG 2010 TV range will feature over 20 flatscreen TV models that will be the first in the Australian market to come equipped with embedded access to BigPond® Movies*, and a range of other content directly through LG’s Netcast technology, which will also include YouTube.

BigPond® Movies will give viewers access to the latest titles and the pick of library movies and TV series from many of Hollywood’s biggest studios directly to their LG web enabled TV, with a few clicks of the TV remote control. Movies will be charged on a rent to view basis and include children’s titles, action, romance, comedy and more. Once rented, the movie may be played anytime within seven days and then after the first screening as many times as a customer desires within either a 24 or 48 hour viewing window depending on the title.

The BigPond TV service on LG TVs will evolve over time to provide a range of IP delivered video services to LG TVs including linear channels and video on demand across a range of genres headlined by news, sport and movies – with music and games content soon to follow.

“The Australian market is a huge focus for LG Electronics so we wanted to ensure we partnered with a premier provider of content,” said William Cho, Managing Director, LG Electronics Australia. “This is just the first step in bringing video to households over the internet directly to TVs. No subscription, no PC required. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the coming months to make the most of BigPond TV’s emerging business through innovative LG devices, which we see as unmatched in the Australian market,” he concluded.

BigPond® content will be available for all users who also have a broadband connection, on a range of over 20 new LG flatscreen TVs with Netcast. BigPond internet customers will enjoy unmetered access to BigPond content through their LG TV with Netcast just as they currently enjoy unmetered access to content across the BigPond portal on their computers as signified by the green dot ** on relevant pages. Enhancements to the BigPond Movies content delivery system over the coming weeks mean that BigPond internet customers will also receive even quicker access to their favourite movie titles.

Chris Taylor, Director of Telstra Media, advised that Australian consumers are now demanding more from their technology and services.

“The viewing landscape is changing and with our huge range of entertainment, much of it exclusive, we’re in a position with LG to make the most of this TV revolution,” said Chris Taylor. “Internet delivered video will provide us the opportunity to bring our first-class video assets to life in the lounge rooms of Australian homes and we’re excited to be working with LG on this milestone in our journey to deliver BigPond TV. There’s much more to come from BigPond TV so watch this space.”