JVC BoomBlaster Is Perfect For Listening To Poison‘s Greatest Hits

JVC BoomBlaster Is Perfect For Listening To <em>Poison</em>‘s Greatest Hits

 title=Log into iTunes right now and create yourself a “Best of the 80s” playlist, because that’s the only music worthy of this retro-styled BoomBlaster from JVC.

Styled on its retro Boomblaster from days of yore, this model adds an iPod dock and USB input, as well as a CD player and FM radio. While it’s not made for iPhone, it will apparently play music on the iPhone if the phone is in flight mode.

If you want to throw this thing over your shoulder an blast the general public with your collection of Motley Crue and Skid Row, the BoomBlaster will take 10 D-cell batteries for portable rocking. A shoulder strap can take away the weight as well, while a headphone jack and remote control increase its versatility.

For $439, it’s the cheapest retro time machine we’ve ever come across.