Virgin Mobile's Surprise Gig Offer Comes With A Free Gig (Get It?)

Some new phone deals come with free access to Facebook or Twitter for a limited time. Virgin Mobile's going the extra step to give all mobile and broadband customers access to whatever they want with a bonus 1GB of mobile internet data until June 2010.

Here's how it works: New and existing post-paid mobile customers and every Your Cap recharge will get 1GB (or $15 worth) of bonus data for three months. Post-paid broadband members will also get a bonus 1GB per month for three months, while new pre-paid broadband customers will get a bonus 1GB on activation. So mobile broadband users are the big winners here, but everybody gets something!

Virgin Mobile's launched a three-month "Surprise Gig Tour" to promote the new offer, and kicked off with a performance by Aussie rock trio Wolfmother hosted by Richard Branson in Melbourne last Saturday. To find out who will be playing at the next gig, and where, check out the Member's Lounge Facebook page. (Or, I could just tell you now that the next gig will be in Sydney and headlined by electro-rock band MGMT.)

Who's interested?

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