Muse Headphones Are Probably Good For Listening To Muse

Even though Apple's bundled iPod headphones are complete shite, there's definitely something to be said for the fact that they made the little white buds iconic. You could almost say that they're fashionable. Well, a little Aussie headphone company called Muse wants to take that design philosophy to the next level.

Based in Hawthorn East, Muse headphones have just released 12 different pairs of headphones and earphones onto the Australian market, each of them having a cutesy name like "The Architect" or "The Commander". Ranging in price from $20 to $60, they're certainly not trying to take down the likes of Bose, but with pretty swish designs and very affordable prices, they might just be worth checking out.

Mind you, we haven't listened to them yet, so we won't pass judgment on quality just yet...

[Muse Audio]

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