Mind Your Uptime Watches 'Net Performance So You Don't Have To

Whether you're an Amazon or a hobby blogger, you'd like to know that your website is live all the time. And if it isn't, you'd really like to know the second the thing goes down. That's often not the case, so a new Australian service called Mind Your Uptime (from the guys behind Geeks2U) is offering to do the boring monitoring work so you'll know if anything goes wrong.

At its most basic, for $9.95 per month, Mind Your Uptime will perform 'one check'. That's probably going to be setting it to watch that your web server is alive and kicking. Should the server go down, you'll get an SMS and an email right away to alert you to the problem. It also constantly monitors performance, and gives you access to reports so you can assess the quality of service you are getting from your hosting provider.

But the service can also monitor many different Internet services. Email servers, CRM services, DNS servers, e-commerce servers, FTP, or various other web-based application servers. For $19.95 per month, it will do '5 checks' of your choice, and for $39.95 it will do 20.

It runs off a global networked system, so it isn't just polling your servers from one specific location. And we queried whether their monitoring bots might trigger weird traffic anomalies or make a hosting provider think there's a malicious attack of some kind, but they've assured us such problems have never been seen and are definitely not expected.

This seems like an invaluable service for anyone running a web service they care about. David Hancock, Founder and Managing Director, said they developed the idea after having their own downtime with Geeks2U and wondering how they could get a better monitoring solution in place. Their main revenue loss wasn't so much in direct traffic, but in their Google Ads campaigns that continued to cost them money while the server was down. An early warning would have let them pause the campaigns while the hosts solved the issue.

Notably, this is entirely their own development effort, not some imported tech you can buy overseas. Most services of this type elsewhere simply ping servers, while Mind Your Uptime adds reporting features to help you get a better grip on the quality of service as well.

You can get a free one month trial of the service by signing up at the site.

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