JVC Includes Pink Camcorder In New Range

Pink gadgets are generally a cheap attempt to lure in some extra girly buyers where they'd otherwise have never paid attention to your product. And the new JVC Everio GZ-MS215 is no exception. The "simple buy stylish experience" (ungh) might be claiming some moral high ground with donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, but it's still just another pink gadget.

Special note to the feature descriptions, where an 'Auto REC' feature has been flagged as a nice monitoring or surveillance option (true enough) with the kicker that it could be used to make sure "a sister doesn't steal / "borrow" those favourite shoes". Yep, ladies, that's why you need to buy this $449 camcorder. To protect your shoes.

$10 from each pink GZ-MS215 sold goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All well and good, but it'd be nice to see some support thrown to the NBCF without having to take the gaudy pink option. How about all sales of this particular model, whatever the colour? Maybe that would show a more genuine interest in delivering real support.

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