Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

We've obviously had a few issues this morning with the CMS, but we're back now. Here's the best of last night:

Error 8001050F: Why The 10-Year Delayed Millennium Bug Brought Your PS3 To Its Knees I love that I've seen people call this the ApocalyPS3. Creative...

Car Locator Android App Makes $US13,000 A Month So it looks like Android's market works too.

Rumour: Palm Working On A WiMax Phone With Sprint Hey Palm, if this is true, you're stupid. How about just giving the rest of the world the Pre?

Steelseries 6Gv2: A Clacky, Stripped Down Gaming Keyboard Clacky, hey? Fair enough...

Apple Sues HTC For Infringing On 20 iPhone Patents Oh, this is going to be interesting.

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