Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

I’m up on the Gold Coast at the Hyatt Recency Sanctuary Cove for Kickstart 2010 today, which is why the Wrap is a little late today. There’s been some interesting stuff already, which you’ll probably read about today. Anyway, enough about that, onto the wrap:

Shuttle XS35 PC Is Only 33mm Thick
Is it just me, or does 33mm sound thinner than it actually is.

Why Most Current Android Phones Will Never Get Flash 10.1
Because Steve won’t let… oh wait, that’s Apple…

Nikon D3s Review: A Light Stalker
I wonder if camera porn is classified as a fetish?

The Terrifying Future Of Augmented Shopping
We’re all doomed…

All U.S. Android Phones Reportedly Getting The Bump To 2.1
I doubt it. Also doubt it will happen in Australia…