Weekend Gadgets: Bioshock 2 And Revo Ikon Edition

Weekend Gadgets: <em>Bioshock 2</em> And Revo Ikon Edition

I have big plans for this weekend. My copy of BioShock 2 arrived today, and I’m heading back to Rapture.

I only finished the original Bioshock back on Australia Day, so the underwater world is still fresh in my mind. I’ve been following the sequel pretty closely on Kotaku, and reckon I’m in for a fun weekend.

Of course, I won’t just be gaming. I’ve got the new Revo Ikon digital radio sitting here on my desk, and I’ll be taking that home to test out digital radio and see if it’s worth the effort. And if that’s not enough, I’ve also got a BlackBerry Bold 9700 to play around with. Even on my laziest weekend, that should be plenty to keep me busy for a while…

Anybody else got some big tech weekends planned? Anyone else heading into Rapture with me?