QOTD: Do You Skin Your Gadgets?

After yesterday's post about the Smirk About lineup of gadget skins, I got to wondering, how many of you guys actually skin your gadgets?

I mean, adding a skin to your phone or laptop does help mark it as yours in a marketplace of gadgets that tend to all look a bit samey-samey. But then again, throwing a sticker on your Macbook's lid may reduce your ability to resell (or even regift) it a few years down the track when you're looking to upgrade.

And then there's the argument that gadgets are starting to pay attention to design, so there's less need for skinning anyway.

So tell us, do you personalise your gadgets with skins or stickers or engraving? Do you personalise your gadgets with skins, stickers or etching?(survey)

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