HTC Desire Coming To Telstra In April

If you were eyeballing the Nexus One clone the HTC Desire which was shown off at Mobile World Congress overnight and thinking, "Man, I want one of those slick puppies", then you're going to get your wish. Telstra this morning announced that they'll be launching the Desire as their first Android handset in April this year.

The phone is going to be exclusive to the Big T in Australia, and no pricing has been announced just yet. The press release quotes Telstra CEO David Thodey as saying that the phone will: "Give Telstra customers the best of Google’s web services like Gmail, Google Calendar and applications like Mobile FOXTEL, as well as the unmatched combination of speed and coverage available on Telstra’s Next G network."

Whether or not that means that the phone's HTC Sense UI will be modified for Telstra (likely) or whether the network will release apps for its BigPond services, we'll have to wait and see. Still, it's about time Telstra jumped on board Android phones, and the Desire looks like a great place to start.

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