Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Steve Wozniak Explains: Faulty Software Caused His Car Troubles
That sentence seems a little weird, doesn’t it?

Waterproof, Shockproof, Crushproof: Olympus’ µTOUGH 8010, 6020
If only there was a real life Hulk to test it out properly

“Proof” Of Apple iPad Webcam Is Dubious
Aren’t most Apple rumours “dubious”?

Captain Picard Laments Twitter, Lauds The iPhone
Personally, I’ll always see him for his cameo in Extras.

New Toshiba Phone ‘Acts Like A Secretary’
Inter-technology office affairs FTW?

Micro SIM Cards: Just Like A SIM Card, But A Lil’ Smaller
In case you were wondering.