Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

I'm heading down to Melbourne this morning for the official launch of the Australian-made hybrid Camry. Should be fun. Meanwhile, here's the best of the weekend feed:

Still Pining For An “iTablet”? X2 Has Named Their Tablet Just That I can hear the lawyers sharpening their pens now...

Samsung Releasing Transparent Laptop Within 12 Months As you do...

Steve Wozniak On Bringing Colour To Computers When the Woz talks, Gizmodians listen...

Facebook Eyes Webmail With Project Titan Just what we need - another webmail account.

Why (And How) Apple Killed The $US9.99 Ebook Why? Surely for profit?

Blackberry Internet Service 3.0 Documents Leak: Gmail Syncing This should make some people happy.

Windows Phone 7 Rumours: Zune-like Interface, No Multitasking Yay! Rumours.

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