Black Nintendo Wii Landing March 11

Black Nintendo Wii Landing March 11
 src=Once you go black, you’ll never go back. At least, you probably won’t if “going black” means picking up a new black Nintendo Wii when they hit Aussie shelves on March 11.

The console is exactly the same as the plain old white Wii, including a copy of Wii Sports, but comes in black, with a black Wiimote and black nunchuk.

But even better than that is the fact that from tomorrow, Nintendo is selling Wiimotes in black, blue and pink (although the nunchuk will only come in black). Actually, I’m not sure that that’s actually better than a black Wii.

In any case, the pricing for both the new coloured console and the multicoloured controllers are the same as their vanilla counterparts: $400 for the Wii and $70 for the Wiimotes.

Another little interesting tidbit – Nintendo has sold 1.75 million Wii consoles in Australia. Holy crap that’s a lot of Wii…