Aussie Telcos Falling Over Themselves To Introduce Micro SIMs For iPad

Mitchell Bingemann at Australian IT reckons all the Australian carriers are all clamouring to introduce the miniature SIM card standard nobody had heard of a week ago.

We already knew VHA were über-keen on getting the iPad in their grubby mitts, which sort of indicates they're happy to adopt the standard. But according to the OzIT article, Optus are already testing the format, and Telstra have gone for the rather obvious statement of "if we sell the iPad we must adopt Micro SIMs".

Even so, as Gus at Lifehacker says, it all needs to be taken with a grain of salt considering there's no official launch of the 3G version of the iPad announced for Australia.

[Australian IT via Lifehacker] [Picture from Wikimedia Commons]

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