Telstra Improve Their Mobile Data Plans

Telstra Improve Their Mobile Data Plans
 src=Slowly but surely, Telstra is bringing their NextG data plans into the “affordable” realm. It’s not there yet, but it’s a step in the right direction…

The latest update to pricing, which comes into effect on the 18th of January, increases the monthly quote of the entry level plan from 200MB to 400MB – for the same price! I know that’s a bag of meh, but they’ve also ditched the excess usage model of pay per KB you exceed your quota and instead opted for a throttle to 64Kbps model.

They’ve also added 3GB for $50 a month and 6GB plan for $80 a month, although there are discounts for Telstra home phone customers, and people who bundle another Telstra service (on a 24-month contract) can get another $10 a month off.

With the discounts, that makes 6GB $60 which isn’t too far off the competition. Of course, you pay through the nose for home phone line rental and BigPond ADSL, so it kind of counters it out, but at least they’re moving forward…