So, Is Google's Nexus One Good For Competition Or Are They Turning Evil?

I think the Nexus One is a great move for the smartphone industry. I think by having Google leading the Android charge, they're driving competition forward, creating a smartphone OS that can seriously compete with the iPhone for features and functionality. It's also going to give Microsoft a big kick up the backside to make them really do something with WinMo 7.

But then there's the other side. The side that says Google's dipping its toes into too many pies. That they are, to quote a mainstream news outlet, "a company bent on world domination".

So which do you think it is? Is the Google phone good for competition, or is Google destined to appear on the upcoming show When Corporations attack: What turns big companies evil?

Is Google's Nexus One good for competition or an evil plot for world domination?(polls)

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