Internode MiFi Is A 3G Hotspot In Your Pocket

We've seen this type of product before from Virgin, but the Internode MiFi is just a cool a concept - it's a battery-powered 3G modem that fits in your pocket and gives you a portable Wi-Fi network.

The MiFi costs $399 generally, although Internode is offering it for $349 for a limited time. They've also got it selling for $299 on a 24 month contract with a data service.

The device gives a 802.11b/g wireless hotspot with a 10 metre range and support for WPA2 security. It runs on Linux, and the battery reportedly lasts for about four hours. Although Internode's 3G network works off the back of Optus, so you may end up with some of the same dropout problems that seem to plague Optus' data network...


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