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..and as a fellow parent, I find your reasoning to be totally flawed.

The actual covers of most R rated movies, were they to undergo classification scrutiny, would barely be able to chalk up an M rating, let alone an R. I can see why you’d be upset at graphic violence or sex scenes being shown on a screen in store (as would I) but that’s already covered by law. Any movie rated above M should not be being played in public, period.

As for the covers and advertising however (as this law states) unless there are reasonable examples of the R rated content present in the packaging (sex/nudity, gore, etc) then this law isn’t just overkill, it’s censorship. The Saw movie covers are usually adorned with severed body parts, but will stay on shelves due to their MA ratings. 300, Romper Stomper and even Scarface on the other hand have NOTHING on their respective covers that give any indication of the contents of the movie. That’s what the bloody R rating is for.

The fact that they’re even limiting the text on the replacement box is evidence alone of censorship. Seeing as text about R rated content is an issue, will the next stop be a mandatory OFLC rating system on books…or would it just be easier for the SA Government to burn them?

DONAR – in response to Stephen Abraham’s comment on the South Australian Government’s new law to treat all R18+ rated videos like they’re porn.

This is the kind of comment that I want more of on Giz AU. It’s logical, persuasive and well written, while being respectful of the original comment’s author. DONAR, you’ve led the way, and for that we bestow upon you the title of “Commenter of the week”. You’ll also get a prize, so double win.

If you’re not DONAR, don’t be disappointed. I’ve got some more double passes to Treasure Hunter to give away next week, so keep the high quality comments coming!

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