Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

A slightly belated Happy New Year, Gizmodians! Anyone else find that the past week flew by too fast? I'm back on board now, and ready to wrap the hell out of the past few days. Let's get to it:

The Socially Acceptable Geek Subgenre Scale Yay, geeks validating themselves! We rule!

The Decade In Tech Stocks: Hope You Had GOOG And AAPL Man, I wish I had them.

Shine On, You Crazy Gadgets It's been a good decade, wouldn't you say?

Microsoft’s Lost Decade In Mobile Someone say "dropped ball"?

Google and HTC Working On A Chrome OS Tablet So many tablet rumours, yet still nobody's telling me why I'd want one... Also, I'd take this rumour with a grain of salt...

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