Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Australia Day

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Australia Day

Hope everyone enjoyed Australia Day! I did – I finally got around to finishing BioShock. As in the first one. That was released three years ago. Yep – I’m that good…

Anyway, here’s the latest gadget news. I’ll avoid the ramping up Apple Tablet coverage until a product is actually announced though…

World’s First 3D Photocopier Goes On Sale For $US17,000
Pretty much pays for itself in 3D photocopies of your butt…

iPhone App Helps Woman Fall Pregnant
Really hope it’s not called iSperm.

Tablet Sutra: How Are We Supposed To Hold This Thing?
Okay, maybe just one Apple Tablet post. Because it’s funny and true.

A solid idea, but there probably aren’t enough…

Walt Mosspuppet Reviews The Apple Tablet
Okay, maybe two Tablet posts…

Panasonic’s Rugged TS2 Is For The Clumsy Photographer
And a couple of other cameras from Panny as well. Should have more info on this later – I’m heading to Melbourne to check out new Panasonic cameras and camcorders today.

Google Toolbar Tracks Your Browsing Even After It’s Been Disabled
Well that’s not going to make the privacy advocates happy.