The Top 10 Aussie Google Searches Of 2009...

Gus over at Lifehacker nailed it on the head. When it comes to Google, Australians are a bunch of inept (or lazy) browsers incapable of distinguishing the difference between the Google search box and the address bar. Just look at the top ten searches this year.

1. Facebook 2. YouTube 3. Hotmail 4. eBay 5. MySpace 6. Google 7. Yahoo 8. Gmail 9. Bebo 10. Seek

Aside from the shock that Bebo made the list, it's a huge surprise that these terms are even searched at all. You don't even have to type ".com" after them in the address bar in Firefox, Chrome or Safari (and probably IE, although I would never dare install it to test it out...) and you'll be directed to the site.

Still, that's what people searched for in Australia this year. Crazy...

[Google Zeitgeist and Lifehacker]

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