Support Aussie iPhone Developers Today And Save Money

aussieappsaleIf you eat nothing but Kangaroo and Emu meat, cry every time you hear Waltzing Matilda at a Wallabies match (and not because you're sick of hearing John Williamson try and counter the Haka with a song about a criminal for the fifty billionth time) and named your kids "Ozzy" and "Oy", then you'll appreciate the fact that some Aussie developers have banded together to offer some awesome savings on their iPhone apps.

As spotted by Anthony over at MacTalk, the developers have banded together and created, which is running from today until January 2. At the moment there are 18 different apps available, although that could potentially expand over the next few weeks, as there's a contact link for developers to get their homegrown apps on the page.

So, if you're looking to support the local developing community, you should definitely click the link.

[Aussieappsale via MacTalk]

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