Optus To Stream the 2010 FIFA World Cup To Mobiles For Free

Optus To Stream the 2010 FIFA World Cup To Mobiles For Free
 src=If you’re a soccer nut, and an Optus customer, you’ll like this. Well, you will once you stop raving at me for calling it soccer and not football. You done? Good. Optus has announced that they’ll be offering exclusive live footage from the World Cup to Optus 3G mobiles during the event next year.

Among the features you’ll get are:

o Free, live streaming of 2010 FIFA World Cup™ matches – optimised for the 3G mobile
o 500 FIFA archived video on demand clips
o FIFA wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones
o Match scores, news, statistics and highlight clips
o Over 200 hours of World Cup™ action and footage

There’s no word on how the service will work just yet – whether it just runs through the Optus Zoo portal or if a dedicated app is required, or whether there are restrictions on which phones it can work on, but it’s still a pretty neat value service for the Telco. Mind you, with the tournament being played in South Africa, there are going to be a lot of late night matches, so it’ll be interesting to see how much demand for live content there is on the mobile platform.