My 2010 Gadget Wishlist

My 2010 Gadget Wishlist
 src=2009 was a good year for gadgets. But I’m hoping 2010 will be even better. Here’s my most wanted list for next year:

The Apple Tablet
Not because I want one (although I might decide I want one if there are some cool content partnerships announced if/when it eventually happens), but because I’m sick to death of the rumours. Seriously, this thing has been rumoured for years, and I’m tired of listening to it all. Just announce the bloody thing already, Apple!

4th Gen iPhone
Where this year’s iPhone 3GS was just a spec upgrade, I want 2010’s iPhone upgrade to really be an upgrade. I want a tweaked design, a huge speed boost, 5MP camera and some cool Apple-developed apps. I want colours, a better screen and all those niggling issues to be sorted out. In other words, I want the impossible. Apple: you’ve got 6 months.

OLED TVs Bigger Than My Computer Monitor
I’ve seen Sony’s 11-inch OLED screen, and it’s stunning. But it’s way too small. I want something that can fill my wall like my 50-inch plasma. Oh, and I want to be able to afford it. At least let’s see 32-inch OLEDs hit shelves for less than $8K…

Windows Mobile 7
For the record: I loathe Windows Mobile 6. It’s a shockingly out-of-date platform that desperately needs an overhaul. Fortunately, WinMo 7 should be landing at the end of 2010, and I for one can’t wait. Let’s hope Microsoft can pull out a mobile version of Windows 7.

Rock Band: Bon Jovi
Make it happen, Harmonix. Make it happen.

Bigger And Cheaper Download Caps
Actually, I just want non-Telstra ADSL2+ at my local exchange to start with, but then I want some really big download limits for an affordable price. Mostly for HD video on demand services like Zune Marketplace, which should have a big year next year, especially with the expected competition from PlayStation.

No Internet Filter
Really goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Cheaper Full HD DSLRs
But only so I can afford one. I’m pretty impressed with the current crop, really…

A flying car
I didn’t say it was a realistic wishlist, did I? 2010 could be the year.

Anything else I should wish for for next year? Anything you’re desperately hoping for?