LG's Watch Phone - Yours For Just $2,299

What is the price of new technology? Well, if it's the kind of new technology that lets you pretend you're an old-school comic character named Dick Tracey and talk into your watch, then it's pretty expensive. $2,299 expensive, to be exact.

Granted, the LG GD910 watch phone is a lot more sophisticated than Warren Beatty ever imagined it to be, with 3G, text to speech, a 1.43-inch touchscreen and a front camera for video calling. But still, $2,300 is a lot of coin. Even more when you recall the $US1,270 asking price overseas.

but for some of us, money is no object for what is ultimately a pretty awesome gadget. And for those people, you can grab the LG watchphone from either the T-Life flagship stores in Sydney or Melbourne, or the Optus 'yes' shop on George street in Sydney.


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