iPhone Users Order Lots Of Crappy Pizza

In just over six weeks, Domino's Pizza has sold over a million dollars worth of Pizza through their iPhone app. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Vomit.

The Dominos app has also been downloaded over 150,000 times. That works out to an average of $6.66 spent per app downloader, and proves once and for all that Domino's pizza is evil.

More seriously though, it does prove that no matter what your thoughts are on the iPhone, it has truly become an influential and game-changing device for not just smartphones, but clever marketers as well.


    had Pizza Capers for the first time for lunch.

    it was awesome!

    I can tell you that all the ordering software in the world won't make up for crappy food.

    Ironically, one of the nicest pizzas I've ever had (and I'm a fan of pizza) was from a dominos in Paris.

    Yeah I have ordered many pizzas using the app, I don't know what your problem with them are. They are pretty good pizzas.

      Eewww. Really?

    Crappy.... Now thats just mean Nick :(

    If you want to talk with the asenine morons that dwell on the front counter by all means call. If however you'd like to ensure that these greasy individuals either learn actual customer service and etiquette, or lose their jobs to a computer system then use this .app.

    Back in my day...

    These stats also show that your average iphone users love a hot slab of bogan delight.

    wood fired pizza is the best

    Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that iphone users have no taste.

    As far as value for money goes Dominos are the best. Not everyone has a good local place, so the mainstream places are all they have - and can be up to $10 cheaper per pizza than other places. Out of the big 3 Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Pizza Haven, Dominos is by far the best. It can also differ from store to store.
    Personally my fav is the Australian Pizza House, but they don't deliver.

    Seeing that it took Pizza Hut US three months to hit the 1 million sale mark with their app, Domino's app's performance in that little country called Australia is phenomenal

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