Conroy Releases Internet Filter Trial Report, Dooms Us All

This afternoon, Senator Conroy released the reports on his internet filtering trial study. Despite the fact that the report sounds like the trial was a rousing success, the truth is that despite the spin, the report doesn't give enough evidence that a mandatory filter of the internet is a viable solution. Is anyone here surprised?

There's a lot of boring spin and back information in the report, which you can read for yourself here (pdf link). But here are some things that stand out:

* There's no mention at all of the number of households/individuals/people/businesses/anything involved in the trial. All that's mentioned is that nine ISPs played a part in trialling. But how can you seriously consider blocking 100 per cent of the ACMA blacklist a success if one ISP only had15 customers opt in?

* As the EFA response to the report argues, there are still way too many questions surrounding this report. Like who will be responsible for blocking content, and what happens if your site ends up on a secret government blacklist by mistake? How do you fix it if the fact you're on there is supposed to be a secret?

* The report says that all participants of the trial experienced some over-blocking of innocuous content, although that figure is less than 3.4 per cent. As Leslie Nassar (he of fake Stephen Conroy fame on Twitter) put it so eloquently: "To be fair, false-positives of 3.4% is only about SEVEN MILLION websites."

* Every filtering product tested could cause bottlenecks with high volume sites like YouTube. From the report:

However, in situations where there is a potential for very high traffic sites, such as YouTube, to have pages on the filtering list, this could result in significantly higher traffic rates passing through the filter, even though the specific pages being accessed are not those on the blacklist. This could cause additional load on the filtering infrastructure and subsequent performance bottlenecks.

Now what happens if content on YouTube ends up RC? Considering the current state of gaming classification in this country, that's a real possibility.

So what happens now? According to the ABC, the government plans on introducing amendments to legislation that would make it compulsory for ISPs to block RC content. I suggest you shout (in a civilised, eloquent manner) as loud as you can to your local federal representative that you don't believe this should be introduced. And now would be a good time to sign the No Clean Feed petition, if you haven't already...



    From the Report: “The RC Content list will be compiled through a public complaints mechanism.“

    First person to create a bot to automatically log complaints to ban the page for submitting complaints get's my vote for Australian of the Year...

    Australia is turning into a Nanny State, wait, IT ALREADY IS!

    I'm leaving Australia. Period.

    How this will play out:

    Government introduces legislation, opposition (hopefully) has enough sense to block it in the senate.

    Rudd goes to the election saying "it's not our policy any more"

    Rudd gets re-elected (every single government in Australian history has had two terms) and life continues on as normal.

    Three ways to go about this.
    1). After this is implimented, have thousands of people all over Australia hammering large bandwidth sites for three days straight during business hours to hold the bandwidth hostage and do this at random for a few months. Get used to Dial up people.

    2). Deverient of #1 but localise it near Government ministers families and areas. Admittedly, this is about as useful as holding a pet mouse hostage but it will probably only infuriate the Greens (Win for me either way :D). This should bring about Family pressure on our Federal representatives.

    3). Bypass it

    Conroy is a joke. If parents are worried about their children accessing material that is non-suitable then maybe they should supervise their children's internet activities, checking history's or installing a filter at the PC level.

    For mine, the worrying points are:
    *The opacity of the process means that we can never be confident that the Gov't can block legitimate sites that oppose the actions of the government (think wikileaks). If we had a bill of rights in Australia this would be a clear violation.
    *Any net savy user can use a VPN to quickly circumvent the proposed system.

    WAKE UP Conroy, please leave your personal agenda at home and listen to your constituents.

    Great......... slow censored net ftw..... to find the Conroy porn list.
    Pass it around, and let everyone know it's courtesy of Stephen Conroy,

    lol.. when do we get to do that to the government?

    The great thing about all of this religious or "culty" guff, is that all the sheeple groveling in their steeple, they all have "opinions" about what their deity is "saying" and righteously so, but the deity in the last few thousands of years of "omnipotence", has never once put in a personal appearance.

    You know like if "JC and the Space Cadets" were a rock band - the clueless would have caught on that while the promoters claim that they play in gigs all over the land, but they have never turned up; while the clueless and stupid keep rocking up and buying the tickets.


    So the same overlording us with more holier than thou drivel, is projected into the area of computer games and internet sites.

    Again while people get slaughtered for fun and profit in the movies and the real world, playing computer games doing the same stuff is just not on?


    Am I surprised that the people thrusting their liturgical loins at the censors office for "standards and decency" are not trying to put the shackles on those who choose to have their own autonomous opinions, by declaring them to workers of the devil, sorcery and witches - starting with the jabbings for the devils mark.

    Am I even further surprised that this is now extending into the Great Australian Firewall.

    Perhaps those who cry loudest are those who look forlornly upon the promises of the bible, such as Ezekiel 23: 21 "whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose emission was like that of stallions."

    I mean who wouldn't want that or to be getting that?

    I mean thank god Conroy is standing up for real Christian family values.

    Jesus said in Revelation 2:22-23 "And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works."

    So Jesus wants to kill our kids - that's cool cause it is Jesus.

    Timbo says I Timothy 2:11-14 "Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

    So all the women ought to keep their traps shut. I mean it's in the bible - so it must be true right.

    And God digs killing pregnant chicks by knifing them and smashing their kids brains out on the ground; so the christians have got this family values stuff down pat: Hosea 13:16 "Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up."

    So Conroy and his catholic buddies have got this right - we have to be protected against them out there on the internet and subjugate ourselves to the righteous christians showing us how their god loves us and how we ought to be kissing his ass, on the basis of their say so.

    Oh did I mention that the old testament is a scammed copy of the Code of Hammurubi? The King of Babylons state laws - and the first 6 books of the bible are bare faced rip offs of this, just rebranded to a diety instead of the king?

    Yep gotta remember them good old christian family values, the true word of god is the bible... except that getting nailed for copyright and plagarisim wasn't invented then.

      Jahm Mitt, pretty much everything you said there was taken out of context in an attempt to prove your point. Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?

      I for one am a follower of Jesus Christ and I also hate the idea of mandatory internet censorship at the ISP level. Just because the a few christian leaders have jumped on board the filter bandwagon doesnt mean that the general christian population has. For example: Joe Bloggs is not a christian but he loves the internet filter - that must mean that all non christians love the internet filter! See how stupid and flawed that logic is?


      The fact is that parents need to take responsibility for policing what their children are doing, the buck stops with them.

      Finally, just to clarify
      Revelation 2:22-23... the woman (Jezebel) being mentioned here is the only one whose children are going to be killed and even then only because of the travesties she's committed. It's not some random act of violence.

      1 Timothy 2:11-14... Paul wrote this bit of information to Timothy because at the church in Ephesus, there were a lot of oracles who were prophesying and giving misleading information to people. So to fight this growing problem, Paul said that Timothy should make sure the women in THIS PARTICULAR CHURCH should be quiet and learn instead of dressing in fancy (seductive) clothing and teaching, like the oracles.

      Stop trying to mislead people with your twisted lies.

    so to be clear the government has already greenlit the changes and will introduce censorship!


    so much for his "don't worry, this is just a trial to see what is possible" argument!

    how come it takes unanimous decisions and years of argument and discussion papers to relax censorship in games, yet adding MORE censorship can be just done on a whim by the gov without any consultation or discussion!?

    if Labor push forward with this, I will not vote for them in the next election, I don't care how bad the liberals are. I heard NOTHING of this issue before they came to power, and now I have no way to stop it.

    between this, the games rating thing, and house prices... I'm off to the U.S! because honestly, as nice as the beaches are... they just aren't THAT nice.

      If you knew your history, you'd realise the Libs want internet censorship as much as Labour do.

      If you move to the US you won't be censored, but you'll be ostracised if you're not a white bread christian. That's so much better.

      There is something you can do, go to Please.

    I think for this Government, it's more a matter of control than censorship (not that that makes it any better). Jahm raises some interesting points, but I don't see Conroy referring to the Bible or religion as the basis for this impost he wants to foist on us all. (Open to correction on that but)
    Sortius is probably right too, that the Libs are just as keen as Labour on this - except that it seems that what Abbot wants, above all else, is to simply oppose whatever Rudd does.

    Neither Labor nor Liberal can be trusted on ISP filtering, so changing your vote won't make a scrap of difference. It would be like when we voted for Keating because we didn't want the Liberal's GST. That showed 'em real good.

    The greens are the only major(ish) party in Australia who speak any sense on this issue.

      Vote for greens? you got to be kidding. They were in bed with labour last election. I'll be honest. I did not vote because I didnt like what either party had to offer... 20 million people and our government is run by madmen. All I can say is Viva la Revolution

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