Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

breakfast-chickenwrapDepartment Of Defense Buys 2,200 PS3s To Upgrade Supercomputer I wonder if they got 2,200 copies of Uncharted 2 bundled in?

Leaked Shots: Android 2.1 Running On HTC Hero Oooh, shiny!

Google Chrome For Mac Beta’s Gonna Be Missing A Lot Of Stuff This makes me a sad panda.

LEAK: The Google Phone “Is A Certainty” I still have a hard time believing Google's entering the hardware game...

Kindle Outsells Every Other Product On Amazon (And What This Really Means) Quick, I smell Cool-Aid! Let's drink!

Scientists Grow Pork Meat In A Lab, Annoying PETA People To Disappear Soon Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! No way I'm eating that. Ever.

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