ACCC Kicking Panny’s Butt Over Bonus Wii Promotion

Panasonic’s latest Bonus Wii promotion hasn’t gone down too well with the ACCC, with the regulator instituting proceedings against the electronics company for publishing ads that failed to disclose important conditions of the promotion that resulted in deceptive or misleading conduct. Oh, snap!

To be more specific:

From 23 November to 24 December 2008, Panasonic published advertisements offering bonus Nintendo Wii gaming consoles by redemption to all consumers who purchased a selected Full HD Viera Plasma television.

The ACCC alleges that contrary to Panasonic’s advertising, consumers could only make a valid claim for the bonus Wii by providing Panasonic with the television’s serial number, which could only be obtained upon delivery of the television.

There was no guarantee a consumer would receive their television within sufficient time to identify its serial number and submit a valid claim to Panasonic.

The matter won’t go to court until February, so we don’t know what will happen until then. But needless to say, this is hardly the kind of Christmas present the tech giant would have wanted.

[ACCCthanks Gus!]