Windows 7 Student Deal Forgets About Tasmania

Windows 7 Student Deal Forgets About Tasmania

Windows 7 Online StoreIt’s pretty easy to forget about Tasmania, all the way tucked down there at the bottom of the country. Hell, there’s even a bit of water separating them from the rest of us. Which is why I have nothing but understanding for Microsoft, who have conveniently forgotten about the country’s sixth state in their Windows 7 Student upgrade offer.

Seriously – they’re only a massive multi-billion dollar company. Who can blame them from excluding Tasmania from the drop down menu to select what state you live in on the order form? What’s more, who can blame them for replying to tipster Ben’s email with a generic response saying that the cause was probably the fact that he didn’t have cookies enabled? And who can blame them for not actually fixing the issue after a couple of weeks?

And because this is the internet, I should probably spell out that I was being sarcastic, and that this lack of service (and recognition of Tasmania) is atrocious from the Big M. Sure, there may not be anywhere near as many students in our southernmost state, but it’s really an issue that could have been resolved quickly and easily with a minimum of effort.

Here’s a copy of the response from Microsoft tipster Ben had after informing Microsoft of their mistake:

Dear bclea,

Thank you for ordering from the Windows 7 Student Offer online store.

We apologize for the delay. Please attemp a new order.

The message that you received indicates that there are no items in your shopping cart.

Commonly, this is due to your browser not accepting cookies. A cookie is a small file written to your hard drive by some web sites. We
require that a cookie be set on your computer so that you can access our secure server for processing your credit card transaction, downloading your software, and checking your shippable order status information.

For information on setting your browser to accept cookies, please visit:

Once you have updated your settings, please close all windows, and restart your browser.

To attempt a new order, go to:

Any other Tasmanian students suffering this issue?

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