Garmin FR60 Watch Is All About The Fitness

garmin fr60Remember when watches just told the time? No, me neither. The latest watch coming out of Garmin's factories - the FR60 - is a fitness freak's wet dream in watch form. For $199, you get a watch with heart rate monitor, which tracks your efforts as you exercise.

If you're really into the whole fitness thing, you can also pick up a $299 version which comes with a "footpod" which lets you accurately track your performance by uploading information to your computer, like the Nike+ system.

The watch also works with cyclists wanting to track their bike riding skills, which is something the Nike+ can't offer you. It has a user-replaceable battery that will last about a year, and weighs 44 grams. It'll also play nice with other ANT+ fitness devices, which probably means something to gadget fans who actually exercise. To me, not so much.


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