Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday night

I’ve been up since 4am this morning – I was on Sunrise with Mel and Kochie talking about the future of banking. It was fun, but I really don’t think I could handle regular 4am starts… Anyway, back to the wrap!

Lobster Taser: Now We’ve Tasered Everything
I’ve got a real craving for some lobster thermidor right about now…

Obama To Robots: I’m Watching You
Anyone else think that if K-Rudd tried this, it would come off like a nerd trying out for the football team.

This Car Will Run At 1609km/h

Google Chrome OS Benchmarked Against Ubuntu And Moblin
Can’t see how, considering Chrome OS will only be available on SSD netbooks when it officially launches.

Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor Review
If you forget about the price, it sounds like a good buy…