ABC iView Now Live On The PS3

iView-PS3If any of you were spending part of your Sunday playing with you PS3, you may have noticed that there was a new option in the XMB for television, with the ABC iView logo sitting front and centre. That's right - you can now access iView through the PS3.

I had a quick play with the service last night, watching the latest episode of Good Game on the big screen. First and foremost, I have to say that the video quality looked pretty good, even on the 50 inches of my plasma. There was no lag, no judder, and while it was far from being high-definition, it was more than just watchable.

The downside, from my very brief time playing with it, is that it doesn't look like the UI has been customised for use through either a television or PS3 at all. The service goes full-screen automatically, but to actually navigate through the iView portal, it's just like navigating through a webpage using the PS3's internet browser.

Which is painful.

Seriously, scrolling through a list of shows requires you to navigate the browsing arrow to the scroll bar on the side, press and hold the X button, and then press down, like you're dragging the scroll bar with a mouse. Tipster Sean tells us that you can't use the PS3's Bluetooth remote control to navigate it all all.

When Sony announced the iView partnership, I expected a dedicated app with customised controls for the PS3, not a version of the web browser that automatically scales to fill your HDTV. I'll use this again - the actual video quality was really good - but it won't replace my TV's tuner any time soon.

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    Yeah I was pretty dissapointed with it, also its inability to stop the screensaver kicking in meant I had to keep taping the analogue stick on the controller

    The video really isnt that great either, considering the power of the PS3 it should be able to render a higher quality stream.

    Clearly this is limited by the fact its running in the pathetic PS3 browser

      The ABC really needs a HQ stream for this (and other TV based applications of iView). And hopefully at some point the ABC will be willing to spend a bit more money on an application or at least a web app thats really built more for the device than this easy port.

      Still it works as well as what I'd be using previously (a PC browser).

    sounds cool, hopefully it will be like netflix in the US, where they start with a horribly hacked way of doing it, then do it properly (in its own app) later

    Yeah, saw it yesterday and Tipster Sean is correct, I launched the XMB option using my logitech remote (with PS3 IR dongle thing) but then could not navigate the webpage to view anything, so that's where I lost interest and hit the "Circle" button to go back and watch normal old fashioned bittorrent-ed TV.

    You can scroll through browsers on the PS3 by using the right analog stick. Just move it up or down depending on which way you want to scroll through the page (Y)

      The right stick did not work in iView for me, I think because it's using a full-screen Flash application, not a regular webpage.

    Urgh, why do Sony continue to deploy these crap applications for PS3? The same thing happened with the VidZone as well, the interface was un-useably clunky, and you couldn't use the remote with it. These are video applications, not games, people want to use their (expensive) video remote with them.

    Is it that hard to ask someone to have a look at an interface before they deploy it and just get some general feedback????

    I saw this on Sunday night; and while I didn't have anything that I wanted to watch, I still checked it out and was thoroughly impressed.
    A bit disappointed with the navigation, but hey, at least it works properly and is watch-able.
    Though I'm not sure how much I'll use it now that PlayTV is coming out on Thursday...

    Yes, I came across the TV and iView functionality on the PS3 by accident on Sunday.

    I wasn't as impressed by the quality of the video as Nick was though. On a 52" full HD TV, the "blockiness" is distracting and the frame rate isn't smooth enough. I've seen smoother media-served SD, as well as internet-served youtube HD, content.

    Using the iView bandwidth test, my connection shows as well above the required 1+ Mbps connection. I had around 10 Mbps sustained. So my experience can't be caused by this.

    Also, I was surprised not to be able to use my PS3 Bluetooth remote, as this normally works with the PS3 internet browser (in most cases).

    It's great that the capability for internet delivery of TV is being integrated into the PS3, but given the more impressive quality that can be achieved, and we're all used to, using less integrated options (DNLA media servers etc.) this really let's ABC and Sony down.

    I look forward to them improving this.

    My psn account was set up in the UK so I got iPlayer instead... Still can't access most of the content outside the UK though :(

    Strange, it doesn't appear on my ps3 at all.

    I have watched Good Game on iView through a Media Centre PC and the video quality is pretty ordinary. Other iView progammes I've seen, such as Media Watch, have had better quality. So maybe it's nothing to do with the PS3.

      good game is now pointless rubbish since they got rid of junglist

    doesn't appear on my ps3 either. did it come with 3.10?

    i didn't get it in 3.10 either. WTF.

    If your not seeing it, do a complete shutdown of the PS3 and turn it on..

    You also need to be signed into the PSN for it to show up, some have also said you need to have auto-signing to the PSN for it to show up as well.

    Yeah I downloaded 3.10 last night, expecting to see it, yet couldn't find it anywhere on the XMB

    You can use the d-pad to scroll through the list of programs

    I read somewhere that the ABC is working on converting all their flash-based video to H.264 so it will look better on the PS3. If true, I wonder if there's an iView iPhone app on the horizon.

    That would be awesome, although before the service sees widespread adoption, ABC need to get more of their own content (eg Spicks and Specks) on there, and maybe collaborate with SBS to get their stuff up as well.

      It wouldn't surprise me to see the ABC working on H.264-ising their video. Browsers that support HTML5 would allow such video to be streamed directly [to all machines with the ability to decode the codec](without needing Flash).
      I'd assume it's mostly early-adopters who are using iView so I'd imagine most would be willing to move to an HTML5-compliant browser to keep viewing, thus allowing them to move on from Flash pretty sharp-ish.

    I've shutdown and restarted in everyway i know how and i have auto sign in for the psn network. i still dont have it. i switched off my theme thinking that might give problems...still nothing. have the 60gb australian launch model.

      Yeah, us too - have got PlayTV and v3.1 update, auto-sign-in, logged out and back in, restarted, unplugged, etc and still no iView.

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