Why There’s No Windows 7 Family Pack For Australia

So despite my battery failings with the Liveblog of the Windows 7 launch this morning, there were a few interesting tidbits to come up in the Q&A session at the end. Number one, courtesy of APC’s Dan Warne, was why isn’t Australia getting the Family Pack?

The answer, it seems, is that Microsoft is trying out different bundles in different markets and monitoring their response. At the moment it’s considered a trial product and there are no plans to release it in Australia yet. Having said that though, if it’s a successful trial in other markets, there is a chance MS will release it here.

So does that mean you should hold off buying the single retail version to see if they release a better bundled deal later? Possibly, depending on how desperate you are for Windows 7, I guess…

[Windows 7 on Giz]