Toshiba’s Sticking DVD Players In TVs Now

Toshiba’s Sticking DVD Players In TVs Now

Toshiba_AV_19DV615Y_LeftangleSticking a DVD player in the body of an LCD screen isn’t exactly a revolution of design. But is is handy, especially in smaller screen sizes, which is why Toshiba have released their new DVD/LCD combo models.

Available in 19, 22 and 26-inch screen sizes, the screens all feature a stand that swivels vertically for wall mounting, a built in DVD player (obviously), an integrated digital tuner and at least one HDMI input (the 26-inch has two). The 19-inch model also has Toshy’s first 6-star MEPS rating. They’re all only 1366 x 768 resolution, but considering their minute screen sizes, that’s all you need anyway.

Pricing is pretty sweet, with the 19-inch costing $849, 22-inch for $949 and 26-inch for $1,049, although you’ll almost certainly be able to pick one up for less.

Toshiba also have a promotion running where you can get a free inverter, which’ll let you power up the screen from a DC power source. you know, in case you want to watch Watchmen on your next camping trip. As you do…